Not often are you given gifts from senators in our state legislatures. The scarce volunteer base we have tries to gain traction for legislation our activists and organizers are passionate about such as Defend the Guard. Certainly learning from the states that are seeing success in their pursuits like Arizona, Tennessee, Maine, and New Hampshire until one of our legislatures decides to champion it. Or until we elect a Libertarian to Nebraska’s Unicameral we should run with the gifts we are given.

This most recent gift is LB872 “Prohibit acceptance of central bank digital currency by state and local governments” sponsored by Senator Clements. Since we can only be so vigilant in seeking out these gifts we have to thank our friends at the Tenth Amendment Center for blogging about it. According to Mike Maharrey of TAC, “The legislation would prohibit a state agency, state official, county treasurer, county official, or political subdivision official from accepting a central bank digital currency as a method of cash payment of any tax, levy, excise, duty, custom, toll, interest, penalty, fine, license, fee, or assessment of whatever kind or nature.” This would assist in local nullification efforts against a central bank digital currency.

Having the federal reserve note as the primary option imposed upon us to use as the method of payment to governmental entities is bad enough. Keeping CBDC off the table for those type of debts aids in everyday people not buying into it. Nebraska can at the state level nullify a part the Federal Reserve and the federal government while at the same time creating reason for Nebraskans to nullify it at their level through nonuse. Dreaming big here but it could be a step for Nebraska to want to make gold/silver legal tender again. We are only part of the way there since buying gold and silver in state is not taxed.

Our favorite libertarian thinkers and Austrian school economists have warned us of the dangers of CBDC. Making any kind of under that table transaction less likely, tracking all of our spending, inflating the money supply, and even social credit score penalties. A saying goes something like this, it’s easier to prevent a bad bill than repeal it. Therefore, our best bet is to take this bill and work to get it passed.

This means activating our Libertarian Party members to email and call senators. Taking lessons taught in LP Masterclass: Get Serious! (About Activism) lead by Diego Rivera. It’s a great opportunity as well to find coalitions. From getting out there and networking, one of LB872’s cosponsor’s aids is a Ron Paul fan and recently posted reading End the Fed on her social media. Also gives us a chance to practice the words of wisdom from Scott Horton to attack the right from the right and the left from the left.

You never know what the current political landscape will present while your state is building a bench of local level Libertarian candidates and activists. The Libertarian Party of Nebraska will be taking advantage of this. Continuing to build our coalition and networking bases. As well as build experience for volunteers for when the next gift comes our way.

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