My name is John Thomas. I am a father, husband, Christian, educator, and the Libertarian candidate for US Senate in Pennsylvania.

I’ve worked tirelessly as an educator for 20 years. Having worked in public, private, and charter school education, I have a deep passion for spreading the power of knowledge and building a brighter future for the next generation.

I am running for US Senate to spread the ideas of liberty, peace, and prosperity in Pennsylvania. While I know I’m a long shot to defeat the entrenched political elites in November, I hope to serve as a strong voice for change. I will stand up for Pennsylvanians tired of their hard-earned money going to foreign wars across the world. These transfers of wealth from Pennsylvanians to political interests in foreign countries are made possible by money printing, which drives up prices, making it harder for families across the Commonwealth to plan for their future.

The deeply connected issues of war and money impact every Pennsylvanian and every American. By focusing our campaign on these issues, we can begin to unite a voting bloc of anti-war liberals, America First Republicans, and disgruntled independents behind a principled Libertarian message.

Not only will this help us retain minor party status for the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania, but it also allows us to put our best foot forward in communicating our message to the millions of Pennsylvanians unfamiliar with libertarianism.

While Ross Perot didn’t win the 1992 Presidential Election, he forced both Democrats and Republicans to take his voting bloc, and their passion for a balanced budget, seriously. Within six years of his candidacy, a balanced budget went from a dream to reality. We can do the same thing here in Pennsylvania. We can force politicians to take the issues of war and sound money seriously.  

We will change the conversation. We will expand the Overton window. We will make a peaceful and prosperous Pennsylvania by taking power from Washington and putting it back into our homes, our communities, and our churches.

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