I’m a proud born and raised New Yawker!

Born in Brooklyn, raised in a house in Queens. I got my values from my parents. Mom was an immigrant from DR. Dad was a black kid from Brooklyn whose family originated in St Thomas. Great parents. I hit the lottery with those two. I could go on but I won’t.

Not now anyway.

However I’d be a liar if I didn’t mention how the NYC of my youth helped mold me. Mid 70’s to 90’s.

It was tougher, grittier. Did I grow up in the hood? No. Grew up in a mixed immigrant heavy neighborhood. Was literally the UN.

My best friends were from Portugal, my neighbors across the street was Italians, Hispanics and black folk all over. Was great place to grow up in Jamaica Queens. Just was. But it helped mold me. Gave me my belief in liberty. Grow up with kids whose families fled tyranny. My mom grew up with one in DR.

We respected each others opinions. We spoke our minds. And for most part we respected what you did with whatever consenting adult. That was Queens and that was NYC. I remember when NYC had a HUGE Libertarian live and let live streak.

We had radicals on every street corner preaching whatever the hell they wanted. Folks pushing out zines. Hell i had one when I lived in Williamsburg when it was WILLIAMSBURG, not the Brooklyn version of what happened to Greenwich village when the people who gave it NYC character fled.

NY was big time Libertarian. Clearly not the mutts who ran it. No I mean the real deal New Yorker dudes who drink 40’s on the corner listening to the Mets, Merengue, hip hop or reggae. The dirtbag metal heads who would go to Lamours to hear Anthrax.
The guido and his goddamn Iroc. Those cats. Where true libertarians. Leave us the fuck alone.

You do you.

That’s gone now. Replaced by Karens and Kens living in Park Slope. With their better to be a victim mentality. Sippin Starbuck’s lattes!! Ride bikes…Every where. Drink wine. And pontificate about bullshit nobody cares about to people nobody wants to know. Looking for a hero.

Instead of being one they look for one. That hero is govt. Not gonna bore you running litany of stupid overly sensitive “gentle parenting” types gonna cry about.
You know it already.

But as one who used to see govt as a force of good. (Told you NYC had an influence on me) I realize how wrong I was. You keep hearing them say “oh if only Democrats had this or that.

They could fix it.

That’s why I gravitated to Dems. During my formative years the party and ideology that was moral crusaders was Republicans. Moral majority. Also my dad told me they was for the rich. Which was true back then.

So as far as I was concern Dems seem ok. They didn’t really care about what sleeze I watched or music I listened. I was a weird kid. Black kid who liked Metal. I would blast WASP I (#%**) like a beast. And it was holy roller GOP types giving me shit about it.
And they wanted to fix shit.

Why the hell not vote for them.
So I (check sound here) vote Dem
And Again
38 years.
Then they got it all in NY. Gov, Senate and Assembly! Triple Blue!!!
Here it comes!
Progressive Utopia!
Great schools. Trees. Flowers. Like a multi racial cover story of Watchtower about what Heaven is!

And. Dick. Same ole same ole. Including as Cartman would say “put a chick in it make it lame” new exec in Albany. Who stupid me was excited about cause I thought she be more upstate NY on guns and other issues!
But nope. South Park was right.

There used to be a net positive voting Dem. They protected individual rights! They was champions of free speech! Creative freedom! But not anymore.

They are as authoritarian as Rudy Giuliani about the Sensation exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum.

There is no more net positive voting for either major party. If I vote Dem I lose gun rights, free speech.

If I vote GOP they want govt in my wife body, police my social media and rival Dems
In how to ramble on rights they don’t like.

They both suck. Now infested by power mad maniacs. Larry Sharpe said
“A Democrat is a liberal that wants power.
A Republican is a Conservative that wants power.

Both want power to push their culture war agendas. I’m done with them.

Libertarians are like you do you.

Dems and GOP….
Both are megalomaniacs neither can be trusted. We gotta return the power back to the people. Give it back to us until we can figure out what the hell is going on.

Cause what we got now ain’t working.

“Power to the people”*

*As heard on the streets of NY in my youth

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